Sunday, December 18, 2011

Real Life Of Young Gigolo

Hi to all, this is Karthik 22 years of age from Hyderabad. This is my first story on ISS and it is a real life journey which happened when I was in my teenage life. I don’t want to waste your time.
My parents died when I was 8months old and I lived with my grand parents in Hyderabad as I was the only grand son they took care of me very well and had given me everything I need until teenage years. We had a very bad life after my 14th year as my grand father died with a heart attack leaving me and my grand mom from the day my grand father died our financial situation has become worse and I was in my 10th standard.
We do not have any other income source apart from my grand father pension; finally I have completed my schooling and want to join intermediate but do not have enouigh money. Hence, I started doing part time jobs and one of the part time jobs has tured my life, I was introduced by my frind to a group of young guys who do catering services on part time basis with good tips. I have joined them and used to get 120rs per day and my job description is to serve guests at 5 star hotels.
I was young and naïve at that time and used to go to college in the morning and use to go to different party places organised by different hotels. One day our job was at a guest house were elder ladies aged 35 to 48 have organised a kitty party. We were only 3 guys at the party to serve the guests. One of the guest name was Shalini who might be in her mid 30's was also present there. She looks stunning and everyone started enjoying the party as it is a ladies party
There were no men allowed at the place only we 3 catering boys are allowed, it was almost 11 midnght and the party is still on. My 2 other friend were getting late and has to leave as they have exam in the morning and they took permission stating that i will be there to help them in serving after my friends left he place most of the other ladies also statted leaving and Shalini has come near me and introduced herself stating that she is a housewife and her husband works abroad at very short time
We have become vey good freinds and she got to know everything about me and my life. At first she was surprised about my age as I was only young boy doing my intermediate 1st year. She took my address and also the catering company name and contact number at first I didn’t understood why she has taken my address and the complete week was going normal.
The very next week when I was in college which is near to y home Mrs Shalini was standing in fiont of my college gate with her branded car, she was happy seeing me and i was surprised to see her. She said she has called the catering company and was informed by them that I will be in college and she has come to meet me. I had many mixed feelings why the big lady will come to see me.
She said that she has a gopod offer for me and has promised me that my life will be changed after that and ther will be no financial problems. She asked me to come with her so that she will show me what work she has for me. I blindly followed her and mean while oin the way she has asked me questions like whetehr i have a gf i said no, she laughed at that and took me to a parlour which is for ladies. I was feeling shy and also was confused in my mind.
She has introduced me to another lady whose name was Rajini and sh is the owner of parlour. They took me to a cabin and started saying atht tehya er looking for young guys who can do massage for women and will get pay in good amount. I was happy because the pay is oo much for my education and my expenses, and suddenly they asked me to remove my clothes I was shocked and tears were falling from my eyes and also was shivering.
Shalini came to me and slowly started removing my clothes, she took my shirt (there was no banian and my body is very thin as I am a boy) and she started touching my cock which was alreday hardened like a rock and she stated kissing me masly ion formt of Rajini, she took me to the sofa and I was started breathing heavily and her saree pallu was down on floor, Rajini was enjoyng our hot view she was biing my chest and my nipples and ears like mad.
I was getting hurt and also dont know what to do she has removed her blouse and bra was very tight her breast was clearly visiblem she took my head and gave a tight hug for her breastsand she started stroiking me in my pant and asked my take my pant off, which I obeyed like a slave to her, she has touched my cock which was almost more than a hard rock na di cummed very huge and it was my first ever female touch.
She unhooked her bra and has removed her complete saree in no time and placed my head in between her pussy lips. Friends this is true story, please post your commenst so that will post the complete story and also will let you know how a boy turned in to a complete gigolo my email id

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